Mk Trans Logistics, founded in 1990, has been continuing one's operation and being solution partner of its customers with the experience it has on transportation and logistics sector, customer-oriented working principle and high quality service consideration for 29 years.

Mk Trans shows its activities with its 71 canopy, mega and optima self-owned trucks and transports to Italy, Austria, Germany and Benelux (Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg) countries.

Mk Trans Logistics keeps up with the changing world from past to present and it carries out not only transportation service but also logistics requirements. While doing these, our priority target is providing quality service to our bussines partners, reliability and opportunity to contact in 24/7.

The Firm settled in the locations where trade is active on, it has its headquarters in Istanbul and provide service with branches in Germany.

Mk Trans is a solution partner that gives fast and reliable logistics service and maximize the customer satisfaction with its experienced and well-suppported team and the eco-friendly vehicles which are compatible with the present conditions, large agency network in European and other countries.