Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

MK Trans Logistics knows that the competitive advantage comes by invested brain power.MK Trans Logistics , determines the perfection and growth as the main principle in its all activities, and works for providing the situation and conditions that their employees can use and improve their professional skills. Supplying well-qualified, peaceful and friendly workplace is one of the main purposes for employees to work efficiently. Human resources policies being implemented by us for our company can perform their activities in the best possible way, are based on following principles;

- To carrying out company purposes with employing optimal number of person
- Making Staff selection and assignments for suitable competencies and job characteristics for the job
- For providing sustainability of our projects, checking up on organization, human resources, system and processes continuously and restructuring as needed
- Caring about staffs ideas, looking up to them, overseeing protecting their material and moral rights
- Tracking performances of high potential employees and rating them convenient to their qualification and providing them to move on

We believe essentiality of providing the same working opportunity for all staff regardless of age, gender, nationality, ethnic group, political judgment, religion and physical status. Hiring, position changing, pricing and all processes of business life like the others equality of rights is available in all fields in our company. Our propose is being an employer that chosen by well-qualified workforce , meeting the needs of workforce of future of our company that grows, develops by hiring right employees, and providing our well-qualified personnel satisfaction towards the company.
The goals that we have for sustaining the motivation and the loyalty to our company of our employees are as follows;

- Creating and sustaining the culture that being sharing, clear, caring about originality and creativity in the business environment,
- Having the personnel that taking up firm culture and organizational values seriously and compatible to ethical values,
- Supporting the personnel to think creative and create new ideas.
- Providing sustainability of an open environment for communication at all levels.
- Recognizing and rewarding the contribution, success and high performance of employees
- Supplying a working environment that convenient to the nature of the job , safe, healthy, embraces ethical values, considering the balance between business and privacy