Management Message

So far so good…

Dear customers and dear members of our industry,

Our company continues to serve with the excitement of the first day by adding the knowledge and acquisitions we have gained to the changing conditions of today since 1990.

In 2020, we have had to experience the pandemic process painfully affecting the entire world. In this process, we once again felt the importance of the logistics sector together with the health sector. The health and safety of our employees has always been our top priority. With this understanding, our company has gradually implemented measures at the highest level since the very beginning.

In these days, when we are in the struggle of COVID-19, despite these losses experienced by our country economically, our company continues to serve by taking measures on health and Occupational Safety at the highest level.

Stay with love, health and peace with my wishes that we as all humanity get through the pandemic process as soon as possible.

A. Metin DÜRÜR